Lynden Cline
Press video WHYY Television -- PBS Affiliate
Philadelphia, PA

July 28, 2003

Review by:
Lynn Cates

Lynden Cline's "secrets"


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News Anchor:   Coming up next, using cold hard steel to bring life to emotions. That’s the theme of this new art exhibit in Wilmington. We’ll take you there. Its all coming up on WHYY's Delaware Tonight.

News Anchor:   A one of a kind exhibit of steel sculptures is the newest entry at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. Its Lynden Cline’s "secrets" on display through the end of August. WHYY’s videographer Lynn Cates takes us on the tour.

Neil Watson, Executive Director, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts:   Lynden Cline is an artist who is based in Washington, DC. And she works with steel. She uses universal symbols, universal objects – trees, fences, chairs, and for her they have specific meaning. But for a visitor and for a viewer, when they experience her work it becomes universal in a sense that every viewer brings their own experiences to the work as well as what the artist’s intent originally was. One of the remarkable things about Lynden’s work ultimately is the fact that what drives the work is as much about space and about how there is so much air within the sculptures. If you start to look at the works you will see that because of the nature of the steel and the images that she uses, they are dense in their intent and in their imagery but at the same time they are very airy. She makes it effortless and in that way it just reveals the work even more.